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David is the Principal Physiotherapist for the Neurology and Vestibular Physiotherapy Department at St George’s Hospital, where he combines extensive clinical expertise with groundbreaking research to provide exceptional care to patients with complex neurological and vestibular conditions.

He obtained a first-class honours degree in Physiotherapy from Keele University in 2009. He has since obtained a prestigious Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), and completed his PhD in the Department of Health Psychology at the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, King’s College London in 2022. His doctoral research focussed on developing a successful rehabilitation program for individuals suffering from persistent dizziness, known as the INVEST trial. He continues to incorporate research into his clinical practice, and is involved in a number of ongoing clinical studies. He also conducts peer review and serves on the editorial board of scientific journals, including the Journal of Concussion and Frontiers in Neurology.

David is a highly respected clinician with a global reputation for his expertise in vestibular rehabilitation. He has earned advanced accreditation in vestibular rehabilitation from Emory and Duke University in the USA, demonstrating his commitment to providing the highest level of care to his patients. He previously worked at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital balance clinic, and now leads the vestibular physiotherapy clinic at St George’s Hospital, London.

David is also passionate about education and leadership. He is the director of the UK Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency Course, which allows him to train and mentor the next generation of physiotherapists, ensuring that the highest standards of care are upheld. He is also part of the teaching faculty for advanced adult and paediatric vestibular courses at the University College London Ear Institute. He is a frequent invited speaker at other national and international conferences and events, and has previously served as the Chair of the UK physiotherapy special interest group for vestibular rehabilitation (ACPIVR).

Areas of Expertise

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Neuro-Otology
  • PPPD (chronic dizziness)
  • Functional Neurological Disorders
  • Falls & Balance Rehabilitation

Health & Care Professions Council Registration

Number PH91739

Professional Membership

  • Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Interested in Vestibular
  • Rehabilitation (ACPIVR)
  • Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology (ACPIN)
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)
  • Functional Neurological Disorder Society (FNDS)

Awards and grants

2023 Translational and Clinical Research Institute (TACRI) Senior Research Fellowship, St Georges Hospital
2023 ACPIVR Research Grant
2016 NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship Award
2015 Care Award, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Book Chapters

Meldrum D., Burrows, L., Herdman, D., McConn-Walsh, R. (2023). Vestibular Rehabilitation. In Lennon, S., Ramdharry, G., Verheyden, G. Physical Management for Neurological Conditions. Fifth ed. United Kingdom: Elsevier


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